Theater Basel comes to Berlin

A short introduction to mathematics ..
It´s like the pythagoras theorem

Theater Basel = Adi Vossen = heart of theatercup

Theater Basel statistics.
37 Participations
First Participation at the premiere of the European Soccer Championship of Theatre Teams in 1970
European Champion 2012
Organised one of the best tournaments in our history
they have announced for Berlin 2017.
And Adi Vossen is coming with them.

History: Let´s go back to the year 2006 ..

Today at my annual spring cleaning i had to interrupt my works because i found an original match programme of the 38th European Soccer Championship of Theatre Teams in 2006.
I´m sure many of you are still knowing the place of the championship in that year.
It was ... (*drum roll*)


Here is a complete scan of the programme ..
(.pdf file | 55 MB)

3 times Champion Volkstheater Rostock announced their participation

Another team announcement ..

Volkstheater Rostock is coming to Berlin.

The team of Rostock has a real impressive history at the European Soccer Championship of Theatre Teams.
They played in Wintherthur 1997 for the first time.
19 years later they were 14 times part of the theatercup and won the championship 3 times. (1998, 2002, 2003)
Ingo Templin, manager of the successful team, said to the german "Bild" newspaper, they are ready to win the championship a 4th time.
We are glad to have them in Berlin ...

Photo by wikipedia / MyRobotron

Ciao Italia. Ravenna Festival announced their participation

We have some good news. Ravenna Festival, the 5th time european champion, comes to Berlin.
Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, teammanager of the sucessful italian team, announced their participation today.
They are our first italian team. Welcome.