Schauspielhaus Graz instead of Helmut-List-Halle

There is a last team rotation at our tournament.
Schauspielhaus Graz is playing instead of Helmut-List-Halle Graz.

Team Nr. 16 is Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Petar Maric´s team "SLOVENE NATIONAL THEATRE MARIBOR" is coming to Berlin.

Arcimboldi, Scala and Poznan announced their participation

Good News.
Poznan, Arcimboldi and Scala di Milano announced today.
We will see them in Berlin

Vereinigte Bühnen (Oper and Schauspielhaus) cancelled

A new event end of April in Graz means a lot of work for the stage crew at Schauspielhaus and Oper Graz.
Unfortunately they had to cancel their performance at this years edition in Berlin.